Permanent or portable......any colour combination...the choice is yours.

Often the Glass Show Court is thought to be the perfect showpiece only for professionals and television...but many countries, schools or private venues have an all Glass Show Court.

The Glass Show Courts are ideal for promoting the sport and capturing photos of players from all angles. They create an unrivalled atmosphere as spectators have a clear view of the action from all around the court.

LED Lighting is recommeded with the Glass Show Courts createing a much whiter and brighter light. LED lighting can be instantly turned on and off, enabling promoters to experiment with lighting effects before and after matches. LED lighting substantially decreases electricity consumption and ensures functionality in the event of a power failure. (LED lighting to be supplied by other)

*You can also have your club logo on the walls or bulk head.


Glass Club Courts are modern, always look shiny and new, low maintenace, same surface as the professionals.

Standard float or White walls...decision is yours

Red or Blue lines...decision is yours

Glass to ceiling or standard measurements

Height Adjustable tin