CourtTech HALF SYSTEM Renovation is a permanent solution to reoccuring front wall and side problems. CourtTech offers renovations for plaster courts and panel courts.

*10 year guarantee 

*Tongue and groove system - no screw holes.

*Height adjsutable tins

After installation of the 40mm thick CourtTech Half System Wall on existing plaster walls, the court dimensions still comply with WSF guidelines.

§ 4.3. of the WSF Squash Specification notes:
Where the wall playing surface of existing courts has deteriorated beyond economic repair, the use of a wall renovation system might be considered. In these circumstances, it is recommended that the court plan dimensions are not reduced by more than 80 mm from the specified dimensions.



Ask CourtTech about sanding your floors and bringing new life into your floor boards.

Many clubs havent attended to their floors for up to 20 years or have been using floor cleaning products, too much water, arent sweeping/vacuuming enough so dirt and dust get ground into the floor boards.

CourtTech will repaint your lines.



The Junckers Sports Floor consists of 22mm solid European Beech timber floor boards assembled in 2 rows glued together in dovetail construction. The boards are end matched with tongue and groove construction on elastic subfloor and prefabricated engineered timber battens.

The Junckers Sports Floor provides a unique leveling suspension system and has elastic characteristics for high shock absorbency and protection against injury for the athlete allowing a flexible and forgiving playing experience.

The construction height is 80mm. The sports floor system conforms to the European Standard EN 14904:2006.

The CT Sylva Squash floor is available in different colour shades.


CourtTech can replace your hard backs or old retro fitted glass backs with modern, safe new finned or framed glass backs.

CourtTech can guide your decisions depending on the space and visability required at your venue.

Framed - robust, 2 x panels with great uninhibited viewing. Door width is 910mm

Finned - perfect for elevated viewing, fins are approx 300mm. Door width is 910mm


Ask CourtTech about our height adjustable tins for your existing courts or for your proposed renovations.

*19inch for club and masters 

*17inch for professional singles tour

*13inch for international doubles - also good idea to make your singles court more fun for doubles or racquetball

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